Pom Pom head covers have been a staple in the golf world for 50 years. Although the game of golf has changed and grown throughout the years, the lure of classic styling and old-school look remains unwavering. Still today, the presence of the Pom Pom head cover is as strong as ever. For golfers who have a sense of history and classic styling, the TOURevolution® is an obvious choice.

Our patented TOURevolution™ head cover combines the utilization of modern materials with classic design. By pairing elements of the traditional knit Pom Pom head cover with the newer, stronger, and more easily embroidered materials, the TOURevolution® provides the ultimate in modern functionality with classic styling. The TOURevolution® fits even the largest 460 CC club heads.

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The “Legend” by Back 9 is a vintage style head cover designed to fit and protect the clubs of the modern era. A fine grade polyurethane (PU) pebble grain leather provides the great look and feel for the body of this head cover. The style beckons to a classic era in golf, but also provides the key elements needed to protect today’s thin-crowned club heads. An extra layer of protective padding is set in the underside of the head cover where the clubs need the most protection. The large size of today’s club heads has provided a real challenge to the design of the modern head covers. Interestingly, most of these designs do not protect the most important part of the club…the crown. The crowns of today’s clubs are not only susceptible to cosmetic damage, but they are so thin that they require the ultimate protection from structural damage as well. The Legend has a double layer of padding on the underside of the head cover to insure that your driver, fairway, or hybrid club stays looking good and is also protected from structural damage.

The Legend Hybrid cover is especially valuable. Most hybrid covers on the market are poor fitting, easy to come off, and not very protective. The Legend Hybrid cover provides a nice snug fit that will not flip or slide off. It has the extra padding on the underside to make sure that the crown of the club stays undamaged and continues to look like new.

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