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About Us


Different by Choice; Better by design!
In a copycat industry, we are not different simply to be different. We have design skills (and nunchuk skills) but it is our passion for design that allows us to be better. It allows us to be comfortable in presenting you with products that have our unique spin on them and we know they will be great…almost all of the time.


We won't tell you what clubs to buy, where to play your next round, or who to hang out with, but we certainly want to help you look and feel good doing it. Golf goes beyond the 18th green. It's the lifestyle that matters. Our mission is to help hone your "game" on and off the course.


The fabled oft-told story about a “napkin drawing” is actually true here. (It was a notebook not a napkin but you get the picture right?) Founded in 1997, we spent our first few years trying to scheme avoidance of the global catastrophe that was to happen at midnight 1/1/2000. We successfully avoided that hurdle and the Back 9 Brand has been steadily growing for over a decade and a half since. We are happy to be forging into the next chapter and new phase of our brand growth. This is a phase that has certainly been defined by you: our cherished customers. We are rooted in golf but not bound by anything. As we love to say, “golfers are people too” and we all have plenty of other things we like to do (or have to do). If we can’t be playing golf as much as we like, we know our wives won’t complain about us “wearing” our love for the game while we are mowing the lawn or going to a Lamaze class. Let us help you keep golf in your stream of consciousness no matter where you are or what you are doing. It’s the least we can do.